Skrillex Drops New Tune With Starrah & Four Tet: ‘Butterflies’


‘Butterflies’ is Skrillexs’ first release of 2021

Skrillex is back after rumors last week began swirling around over whether not the Grammy Award-winning DJ would be releasing music anytime soon. Those rumors can now be put to rest as Skrillex has just released his first single of 2021. ‘Butterflies‘ is a combination of Skrillexs‘ signature synths mixed with a house-infused baseline. The track is accompanied by beautiful vocals which help make Skrillexs‘ latest single a perfect track to play this summer.

Just last week, we reported that Skrillex would be releasing new music after josh pan confirmed on Instagram Live that he and Skrillexs‘ track would be releasing in the coming weeks. Although ‘Butterflies‘ does not feature josh pan, it is a brand new Skrillex release to get us hyped up for the summer. As of now, it is not clear whether Skrillex will be releasing more music in the future, or if he has plans on releasing a full-length album. Either way, Skrillex has released his first single of 2021 alongside incredible features from both Starrah & Four Tet.

Listen to ‘Butterflies‘ below or stream the track here.

Feature Photo – EDC

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