Download These FREE EDM Sample Packs For Limited Time

A few months ago, Slate Digital released an epic electronic music sample pack for a limited time as part of a contest collaboration with EDM Maniac. Founded in 2008 by audio specialists Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel, Slate Digital is renowned for providing the right tools to artists, producers, and DJs to take their music to another level. In another collaboration with EDM Maniac, Slate Digital is releasing several incredible sample packs for entirely free!

Sample packs are widely used throughout the electronic music industry by both newcomers and veteran producers because of the unique sounds and easy incorporation the packs provide. Slate Digital has provided award-winning plugins, sample, synthesizers, and more to artists of every level. In this specific music industry, having the right software is just as important as the hardware used to create the tracks that make us dance.

In the latest release by Slate Digital, fans will have access to six sample packs for free: hip-hop, EDM, 808, Vintage Machine Drums Vol. 1, Vintage Machine Drums Vol. 2, and Vintage Machine Drums Vol.3. In total, the sample packs provide over a thousand sounds, beats, bass, drums, effects, vocals, loops, chops, FX, and more. To get your free sample pack, simply head here and register your email. From there, you will have access to the very best sample packs out there!



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