Sonic Radiation’s Latest Single “Infrared” Takes You Into The Future

Out today is a brand new single from Texas’ very-own Sonic Radiation. What can only be described as space-age, futuristic party music, Sonic Radiation’s latest single “Infrared” is an experimental dive into the unknown.

Sonic Radiation morphs unique synthesizers to create an original sound that will take you into the future. The track exemplifies the latest computer technology to create a high-paced energetic tune that is destined to keep you moving. When we first heard the track it immediately reminded us of the steady kick drums you’ll find in a lot of techno tracks. The kick drum and bassline takes makes this almost a futuristic, space-aged techno track. Classify it what you will, the track beams everything we love about electronic dance music. It’s fast-paced and immediately transported us to a European warehouse party. All we were missing were lasers. 

Sonic Radiation is a homegrown artist from here in the States. After suffering a spinal cord injury after an incident in the oceans of Hawaii, Todd aka Sonic Radiation was determined to get back to normal life and pursue his dream of creating electronic dance music. It’s incredible to see that after an accident Todd was able to jump back into the studio and bring us his latest single “Infrared.”

Take a listen to it below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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