Spotify Island Is Coming To The Metaverse With Roblox

As the virtual world becomes more and more of a reality, Spotify is staking its claim. The streaming giant recently announced a partnership with the metaverse/gaming company, Roblox, to build Spotify Island, a virtual space for “sounds, quests, and exclusive merch.”

Spotify is the first music streaming service to have a presence in Roblox. Users will be able to access exclusive content, acquire NFTs that serve as virtual merchandise, and even connect with artists.

Currently there is only the main Spotify Island, but other themed islands will soon be active as well. The first themed island is entitled K-Park, a space for everything K-Pop. Major K-Pop artists like Stray Kids and SUNMI will be within in the virtual space for fans to interact with them.

Another central feature for Spotify within Roblox is the integration of Soundtrap. Soundtrap is a cloud-based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that allows seamless collaboration from anywhere in the world. Spotify acquired Soundtrap back in 2017, and now the DAW will be available within the metaverse.

Anyone on Spotify Island can access virtual beatmaker stations, so, theoretically, users could open their projects to anyone in the island, greatly expanding opportunities for collaboration.

Audio content created with Soundtrap will also exist in the metaverse. Users can then take that metadata, pair it with a token to create an NFT. Essentially pairing audio with a piece of visual content into a bespoke package.

Check out the official Spotify Island playlist below, and click here for more information on the virtual space.

Featured image provided by Spotify

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