Spotify Is Working On A Tool For Copyright Infringement

Spotify has recently disclosed through a new European patent filing that they are currently working on a tool that will notify songwriters of copyright infringement. The document was obtained by Music Business Worldwide and shows that Spotify is looking into a “Plagiarism risk detector and interface” technology that will test “Lead sheets, type of music score and detect plagiarism.” The technology will look at the breakdown and structure of other songs in the database and compare it to others in order to detect various levels of plagiarism.

As a result of this new copyright infringement testing service, the technology will ultimately let songwriters know if their song is original or if its “Completely new” in a quick and easy to use process. This will help artists and songwriters protect their tracks from future copyright infringement issues. Spotify claims that this interface “Is a graphical user interface that is more intuitive and precise as to the portion of the work that may be considered plagiaristic.”

Spotify is still currently working on their copyright infringement tool, but it will be exciting to see the effects of it once it’s fully developed.

Feature Photo – Dado Ruvić/Reuters
Source – Music Business Worldwide & EDM Tunes

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