Steve Aoki Has Started A New Techno Project Called Ninja Attack. Listen To The First Single Here.

Steve Aoki has officially launched a house and techno project called Ninja Attack with a new single entitled, “Aurora.” Throughout his decades-long career, Aoki has demonstrated that every genre is fair game to him. Especially those in the four-on-the-floor variety. This latest alias puts him in darker territory than ever before.

Given that Aoki fully embraces his celebrity status as a DJ, it’s not surprising that “Aurora” does not indicate a desire to shift the opinions of techno snobs. Rather it shows that Aoki understands the flow of musical trends. Darker styles are reaching more and more ears, and he wants to contribute to that expansion.

Some may say Aoki’s “band-wagoning,” on to techno, but remember, Aoki started Dim Mak in 1996 to release punk records. He has dedicated his life to music, and opened doors for so many new artists throughout his career. The fact that a big name artist is making techno will surely inspire new exciting producers in years to come.

Listen to “Aurora” by Ninja Attack in full below:

Featured image by Rukes
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