Subdocta Releases New Wonky EP, ‘Crystals & Kombucha’

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‘Crystals & Kombucha’ is out now on Wakaan

Subdocta has just released a new wonky EP composed of two tracks, ‘Crystals & Kombucha Part 1 Ft. Reverie‘ and ‘Crystals and Kombucha Part 2‘ which only features Subdocta’s signature sound design. Before releasing his ‘Crystals & Kombucha‘ EP, Subdocta was featured on Ganja White NightsDark Wobble‘ album whose only other features included Subdocta and Boogie T.

Subdocta’sCrystals & Kombucha‘ is a long-awaited EP release, as the American DJ has previously rinsed ‘Crystals & Kombucha Part 1‘ in multiple livestreams and online sets. Before releasing ‘Crystals & Kombucha,’ Subdocta’s previous EP was his ‘Psych Ward‘ EP, which featured collaborations with Father Funk, G-Space, Computa, and Franc Friday. The EP has accumulated over 130 thousand plays just on SoundCloud and most of the tracks premiered on predominant online labels including Electric Hawk, This Song Is Sick, and Headbang Society.

Subdocta’sCrystals & Kombucha‘ EP is available now to stream on all platforms by clicking here or can be listened to below. Follow Subdocta on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

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