Sully Delivers Bass-Filled ‘Malfunction’ EP

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Sully’s ‘Malfunction’ EP is out now via Liquid Stranger’s label, WAKAAN

Earlier this month, Sully stormed back onto the scene with the release of ‘Right About Now,‘ a bass-infused party anthem track that featured Issac Castor and released on Liquid Strangers WAKAAN label. ‘Right About Now‘ was Sully’s first release in nearly 1.5 years, however, that has now quickly changed with the release of Sully’sMalfunction‘ EP, which features four bass-driven tracks that were made during quarantine.

The EP is filled with all avenues of bass, as the four-track EP features dubstep, experimental bass, house, and trap. The diversity of Sully’sMalfunction‘ EP is off the charts, as the youthful producer has clearly shown his production capabilities throughout the entire duration of the EP. Prior to releasing his ‘Malfunction‘ EP and his 2021 single ‘Right About Now,’ Sully released multiple festival heavy hitters including ‘Duck Hummus‘ and ‘Frequency Shift.’ This is how Sully described his ‘Malfunction‘ EP,

“The Malfunction EP is a culmination of 4 of my favorite tracks that I made during quarantine. Each one is VERY different from the others, hence the title malfunction. You get a little dubstep, experimental bass, house, and even trap. The reason why I chose the brand “sully” is because it’s literally my name and I didn’t want any limitations on what I could put out. I think there is a beautiful chaos in releasing all different genres of music while still having a distinct ‘sound’ that blankets your catalogue.”

Sully’sMalfunction‘ EP can be downloaded here or streamed below.

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