SVDDEN DEATH Is Releasing His Debut Album Under His VOYD Alias: ‘VOYD II’

What’s that rumbling in the darkness, making sounds like a demonic monster emerging from the gates of hell? It’s a new album from VOYD, the dastardly dubstep side project from SVDDEN DEATH, real name Daniel James Howland.

Simply titled VOYD II, the LP will contain 13 tracks and be released next Friday, March 18. VOYD II is the first full-length album in Howland’s catalog.

The VOYD project, which first came to be back in 2018, is the home for his raw and horrific sounding tracks. Over the years, VOYD has become its own in-demand entity with the trademark antlered skull mask now almost as recognizable as Green Velvet‘s mohawk or Boris Brechja‘s jester helmet.

“I’m super excited to finally put my first album out and I appreciate the patience from all of my fans. It’s extremely hard for me to ever put anything out and call it ‘done’ when I’m constantly improving and making my tracks better and better for each show that I play,” says Howland. “I finally got to a point where I felt I was happy with VOYD II; after hundreds of iterations of each song, selecting the right ones, and curating the proper flow that I thought represented VOYD best, I knew it was time to let the public hear it.”

Click here to pre-save VOYD II from SVDDEN DEATH and check out the tracklist below:

  1. Maze of Punishment
  2. Dream Sequence
  3. Shallow Land Burial
  4. Magic Armour
  5. Eidolon Hex
  6. Thirst For Revenge
  7. Laughing Track
  8. Comprehension Barrier
  9. Demonic Curse
  10. Rings of Pluto
  11. Kereborot
  12. Valley of Darkness
  13. Twilight Reflector

Photo Credit: Holly Singh

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