Sven Väth Is Releasing His First NFT Via French Platform Atlanticus

Sven Väth is venturing out into the world of crypto. The celebrated DJ and Cocoon label boss has announced he will release his first NFT via the French-based platform Atlanticus. Väth’s offering on Atlanticus features two tiers. A unique tier that is going up for auction, and a rare tier with 500 items at $299 each.

The unique tier includes a new unreleased track and a 3D image to go along with it, while the rare tier includes a shorter version of the track and a 2D image. Both tiers also come with extra items such as a virtually autographed photo, with the unique tier going further with two guestlist spots to Cocoon events in 2022 and more.

Väth is one of several prolific artists in the dance sphere to host NFTs on Atlanticus. As of now, Ricardo Villalobos and Paul Oakenfold are confirmed as well, with several notable artists coming soon. Their names are blurred out on the website, but a keen eye can make them out.

Click here to see the specific items Sven Väth has included in his NFT. The auction begins today, November 11, 2021.

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