The FBI Is Seeking Videos From Astroworld Attendees As Further Evidence In Investigation

The FBI is officially getting involved in Travis Scott‘s Astroworld Festival. In an effort to assist the Houston Police Department’s investigation, the Federal law enforcement agency has opened a new website portal where attendees can submit videos of Astroworld 2021 for evidence in the ongoing investigation surrounding the event.

On November 5, 2021, the first day of Astroworld, eight people lost their lives on-site at the event with hundreds being severely injured. Two more people, including a nine-year-old boy, passed away following the event from their injuries.

The Houston Police released a statement in conjunction with the launch of the new website, saying they partnered with the FBI for “additional technical assistance.”

The communique also specifically asks for footage that took place between the hours of 8PM and 11PM within the main festival area. As of now, current reports conclude that a massive crowd surge took place between those hours. By 9:38PM, the festival was declared a mass casualty by Houston Police, but the event continued regardless.

Those hours also primarily encapsulate Travis Scott’s headlining set. Scott himself is receiving considerable scrutiny for his personal role in the events at Astroworld, and he is facing consequences including being removed from the Coachella lineup.

Currently, hundreds of lawsuits are in progress following Astroworld with organizers Live Nation and ScoreMore, Scott himself, and even rap star Drake who joined Scott for his set, as named defendants. Last month, Texas law firm Brent Coon & Associates filed a $10 billion lawsuit on behalf of 1,547 attendees of the event.

Read the full statement from the Houston Police Department regarding the FBI’s involvement below.

Featured image by Amy Harris/Invision/AP

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