The Fluffy Cloud Experience Is Bringing Mind Against To Los Angeles

The Fluffy Cloud Experience is bringing a one-of-a-kind event to Los Angeles on Saturday, October 9, featuring techno titans, Mind Against. Based around a floating stage at the center of the dance floor, this affair is set to create lasting connections between the performers and the audience.

These connections begin with the stage itself. Sitting on a raised platform in the shape of a cumulus cloud is a spherical sound system capable of reaching frequencies as low as 28hz. Most professional sound systems can only go as low as 35hz, promising an audio experience few have ever heard. The cloud itself is lined with over 33,000 sound reactive LEDs as well, allowing the music to fully influence the visuals.

Beyond the music and production, The Fluffy Cloud Experience also seeks to combine sound healing practices with the traditional party experience by splitting the programming into three phases.

The first phase is a combined guided meditation and sound bath. Attendees can sit beneath the cloud and bask in the frequencies as wellness practitioners guide them through a visualization.

Phase two is a live performance from Seraphiel’s acoustic/electronic ensemble that demonstrates the full sonic range of the sound system.

Finally comes the party with The Fluffy Cloud existing as it has at Burning Man, Art Basel, and various other celebrations around the world. Top-rated DJs will spin long into the night as dancers surround them from all sides. The lineup includes, Mind Against, German minimalist Yulia Niko, and more.

The Fluffy Cloud Experience comes to Los Angeles on October 9, 2021. Click here for tickets and more information.

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