Live Music Industry Offers To Help With Vaccine Rollout

The live music industry is trying its best to get back on track. After a tremulous year in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live event companies such as Live Nation and the Anschutz Entertainment Group are trying their best to bring jobs back to their industry. This week, industry-leading companies like Live Nation and Anschutz, wrote a letter to the White House stating that they are prepared to help Biden with vaccine rollouts.

The letter does not specify costs or financing, but it shows that live event organizers are wanting to work with the government to help get people vaccinated and to help propel live events forward. Biden’s goal is to administer 100 million doses within his first 100 days as president. The ability to host large-scale vaccination sites will not only help Biden’s goal, but it will also employ thousands of people within the live events industry.

According to the Wall Street Journal and the letter that was sent to president Biden, an estimated 95% of the live events industry’s businesses and workers have lost nearly all their income. Hopefully, this letter by large scale live-event companies to the White House will help with vaccine rollouts and bring jobs back to those who lost them.

Source – The Wall Street Journal
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