The Museum Of Modern Electronic Music, MOMEM, Will Open In Frankfurt

MOMEM, or rather the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music, will launch in Frankfurt this October.

This museum is set to celebrate all corners of electronic music. From the full range of genres, to events of all shapes and sizes, to the various types of technology used in music and visual production. MOMEM will feature a space for it all.

The museum will also highlight specific moments and artists who were instrumental in elevating electronic music culture into the worldwide phenomenon it is today, housing event flyers, vinyl records and more historic relics.

“MOMEM will be a place to explore, conserve and relive the historical dimensions and influences of Electronic Music. A journey from the beginning to the future. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from museum into stage into bar into academy. A reactive environment in the heart of Frankfurt. A museum not for visitors but for guests,” as said on the website for the museum.

Plans for the museum were first put in motion back in 2015 with a pop up entity erected in 2018. Now the museum will finally be fully open to the public later this year. Check out the video below for further insight into what to expect from this first-of-its-kind project.

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