Thomas Jack Drops New Single, “Sandman” After Five-Year Hiatus

Making his return following a five-year hiatus, tropical house mastermind Thomas Jack has released his MGMT and INXS-inspired track, “Sandman.” His use of synths, accompanied by live drums compliment his vocals, show fans the fruits of his labor, ready to take the stage once again.

“I couldn’t sing at all. When I was in LA, I got a vocal coach who told me that it will take me a long time – training like three hours a day for five years to see progress. So that’s why it took so long for me my voice to a professional level where I can perform where it will be true to the records,” said Thomas Jack, real name Tom Jack Johnston.

Thomas took a massive risk, putting his career on hold to go down a new path. His 2015 hit, ‘Rivers,’ established him as one of the key cornerstones of the growing tropical house sound that he and other artists such as Kygo, Sam Feldt, & Matoma were creating.

“There was so much pressure and thoughts of what if this isn’t as good as what I did in the past? People thought I was crazy to do this, but I kept following my heart and believed that it felt right and kept going. I did month after month of vocal exercises to make it better. I still have a long way to go but singing has become my biggest passion now. It completely changed how I make and think about music.”

“Sandman” is out now on Johnston’s label, Kamaruka. Listen below:

Photo courtesy of Thomas Jack’s Facebook Page

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