Thousands Donate To Unpaid Fyre Festival Cook

If you haven’t heard already, the internet has been buzzing about two documentaries released about the disastrous Fyre Festival. The two documentary films from streaming giants Netflix and Hulu aimed to tell the full story of the fiasco following the festival’s incredible demise.

From horrific tales of fraud to insane stories about deception, the documentaries gave us a closer look at what happened leading up to the festival, but more importantly, who was affected by this tragedy of a festival.

The Netflix documentary, FYRE, shared a heart-wrenching tale of a woman who was tasked to serve thousands of meals on the island during the mayhem. Maryann Rolle appeared in the doc sharing her story and revealed that she had personally taken out $50,000 to pay local employees after the festival organizers failed to remit payments. 

“Back in April 2017 I pushed myself to the limit catering no less than a 1000 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all prepared and delivered by Exuma Point to Coco Plum Beach and Roker’s Point where the main events were scheduled to take place. Organizers would also visit my Exuma Point location to enjoy the prepared meals” she said in on her verified GoFundMe page. 

4 days after the Netflix debut, her GoFundMe appeared online and immediately thousands rushed to donate. Her goal was $123,000 but as of this posting, it has reached over $167,000.

There are still many people that were affected by this fiasco that have yet to paid. However, it is incredible to see so many people donate to this woman who clearly did what the festival could not accomplish — take care of people.


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