Welcome To Another Edition Of Thunderdome

(Thunderdome is not just a rave, but a legend to everybody who enjoys dance music).

Irfan van Ewijk, Duncan Stutterheim and Theo Lelie, these are the 3 guys who formed the start of ID&T. The event organization is responsible for events like Tomorrowland, Sensation and Mysteryland.

The trio started off by hosting an event called ‘The Final Exam’ as a graduation party back in 1992. This was quickly followed by ‘The Thunder Dome’ in the same year. This hardcore (gabber) music event was brought to life with the intention of bringing the hardcore scene to the next level. It didn’t take long before the gabber community started spreading like a wildfire and even began to cross borders. In the first decade 17 events were hosted in the Netherlands and another 6 were hosted abroad.

From the year 2000 ID&T focused most of their attention on more mainstream events like Mysteryland (which started as a hardcore festival), Trance Energy, Sensation, and Tomorrowland. In 2012 ID&T announced that they would host their last edition of Thunderdome called ‘Thunderdome – The Final Exam’. An end of an era, and with that also the start of a new one. 20 years of Thunderdome meant so much more than just 20 years of events. It was the footwork of the most legendary event company on this planet.

Last year ID&T announced that Thunderdome will be back once more to celebrate 25 years of Thunderdome, 25 years of hardcore. But more importantly we will celebrate all the good times we’ve had. Thanks everything that came from this once small Dutch hardcore event!

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