Tinlicker Share Latest Album On Anjunadeep: ‘In Another Lifetime’

Dutch-based melodic house and techno outfit, Tinlicker, have shared their latest album: In Another Lifetime. The 15-track epic is out now on Above & Beyond‘s understated label, Anjunadeep.

Having released their previous album, This Is Not Our Universe, on the more joyful and exuberant Anjunabeats, In Another Lifetime is a fitting collection of tracks to see their return to Anjunadeep, sonically exploring the past two years that have been harrowing in Tinlicker’s own lives and for the world around them.

All throughout the record, the pair of producers employ a variety of methods to capture these swirling emotions. Whether serene harmonic washes or vocals that offer honesty and reliability, the authentic humanity is palpable and understandable.

“These last two years saw the creation of a parallel universe in which human beings had to reinvent themselves whether they wanted to or not. We experienced a lot of lows in this process, but also beautiful highs – in some moments it felt like everything was about to slip through our fingers, while other days the process brought a lot of peace. For us, the title In Another Lifetime captured this journey,” says Tinlicker.

Stream In Another Lifetime in full below:

Featured image by Mees Borst

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