Tommy Trash Shares Joyful New House Single, “Jaguwawa”

One of the coolest things about being an artist is the ability to take inspiration from literally anywhere. Tommy Trash, real name Thomas Olsen, took inspiration from eating dinner with aliens for his latest single: “Jaguwawa.” At least Olsen thought he was eating dinner with aliens when he was on ayahuasca.

“I was having dinner with a few alien pals, before they invited me to go up into their spaceship. The next day I wrote down ‘Go up, go up in the light,’ which would later become the lyrics for ‘Jaguwawa’. I never intended to sing this song, but the further I went down the road – it felt authentic! I’m really proud of this tune and it sums up some of my recent journeys into the spirit world…” says Olsen.

Listening to the track it’s clear Olsen has had a great time journeying through the spirit world as it’s flush with effervescent chord changes and uplifting lyrics. Stream Jaguwawa in full below.

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