Tomorrowland Festival Opens ‘Mesa’ Restaurant

As we all know, Tomorrowland is one of the biggest and most impactful festivals ever to hit the Electronic Music industry. Each year, this event attracts over 400,000 concert goers from all over the world as they come together in the city of Boom, Belgium. To continue this wonderful, immersive experience, they are now launching The MESA Restaurant.

Perfectly placed in Antwerp, Belgium, this will not only include the most eclectic food, but they will also feature a “sharing” idea so that everyone around the table can enjoy different culinary tastes. The menu will be as international as the festival in hopes to represent everything that Tomorrowland stands for.

20180920 Antwerpen België: Mesa resatuarant Antwerpen interieur & food

Inspired by “Tastes of the World”, Tomorrowland’s festival dining experience, MESA Restaurant opened just days ago on September 22nd and can be found at Kloosterstraat 99, 2000 Antwerp.

Check out Tomorrowland Winter’s exclusive lineup here.

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