Tomorrowland Might Return For Three Weekends In 2021

It’s possible Tomorrowland might be three weekends in 2021. 

According to a Dutch language newspaper in Tomorrowland’s beloved home in Belgium, the festival might be three weekends next year to help make up for all the loses of this year’s canceled event. Although nothing has been officially decided, the festival has told Het Laatste Nieuws:

“At the moment our focus is 100% on our first digital festival. Just like governments, we cannot look very far into the future at the moment. A third weekend Tomorrowland could be a solution for everyone involved to make up for the completely lost 2020 season and all its consequences. But that is still a distant future in the current circumstances. Nothing has been discussed yet, nothing has yet been decided. In any case, we are waiting to see how the situation will evolve in the coming months. ”

Tomorrowland was one of the countless festivals this year that was canceled due to the novel Coronavirus. The festival brings in millions of Euros to Belgium and Europe each summer as festival revelers travel from around the world to attend the event. 

The festival has never been three weekends, and if it does in happen in 2021, it will likely be a one-time only excpetion. This could help all of the organizations apart of Tomorrowland recoup all of the lost economic impact from this year, and allow more people to attend!

Tomorrowland will go virtual this year for its very first digital festival. The festival will feature 3D environments and an incredible lineup. For more information, visit

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