TomorrowWorld & Uber to Issue Refunds to Some Customers

The organizers of TomorrowWorld are making good on a promise to refund tickets to those who could not attend the festival on Sunday. You may recall, shuttles stopped running Saturday night because the roads were covered with mud. TomorrowWorld decided to make Sunday only available to those who were camping in Dreamville. They did this for safety reasons.

If you were one of the people who couldn’t make it on Sunday, you can visit to submit for a refund. TomorrowWorld will be refunding a number of tickets including Sunday Regular & Comfort passes, Sunday 1-day Comfort Upgrades, Sunday Parking, Shuttle and Locker passes.

If you took Uber or a taxi to leave the venue on Saturday night you can also get a refund from TomorrowWorld. Click here to submit a form:

If you used a credit card to add Pearls to your bracelet, you will be automatically refunded your remaining money. If you used cash, you must submit a cash refund form. You can find that here: Refunds will start to appear on October 9th.

I think it’s great that those who were stranded at TomorrowWorld will be able to get some money back. Some customers have already seen refunds from Uber upon reaching out to them regarding the situation. The transportation company, along with TomorrowWorld are definitely trying to make things right for those of you who were left stranded.


  1. it’s good of you all to keep this open line of communications so all involved, happy or not, are given the chance to know how and where to find the follow-up information. Cool work on your part…

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