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Tritonal at Sutra 8/1

Last month, EDM Maniac had the chance to interview the guys from Tritonal in Orange County. It was a killer show with the energy and passion that the duo always brings. Check out the interview and gallery from the show below.


EDM Maniac: You guys have been touring a lot recently. What has that been like?

Tritonal: Super busy! We are doing 10 shows over the next 12 days, 50 shows total but it’s awesome. We love our Tritonians so to get out there and play our music; it’s really what dreams are made of.

EDM Maniac: Topher told us that you knew each other from way back in the day.

Tritonal: (laughing) Yeah! Way back in the hood days.

EDM Maniac: What’s it like working with Topher?

Tritonal: It fun, he’s got so much energy and touring with him on the road always makes it a lot more fun that’s for sure. Like sometimes we like to sleep all day and he just keeps us up and going.

EDM Maniac: When you’re not DJing/on stage, what are you guys doing?

Tritonal: (laughing) Well, there is a lot of producing going on back at home, that keeps us pretty busy. When you’re not touring you need to be writing new tracks so your shows will be better the next time so we have been doing a lot of that. We’ve got Metamorphic 2 EP that’s been just finished and Reset is coming out next week (Wednesday, August 1st) so a lot of new Tritonal tracks are coming in.

EDM Maniac: Yeah we are really excited about that! How would you describe the EDM scene in the states right now? What’s it like? How does it feel?

Tritonal: It feels amazing, right now it’s hot here and hopefully it will be for a good while. We feel really blessed to be here working on and producing our own tracks and playing in our own country, so it feels great to be an American these days.

EDM Maniac: Awesome! So with that said, EDC Las Vegas. Everyone’s talking about it and you were on the main stage.

Tritonal: (laughing) yeah we were on the main stage.

EDM Maniac: What was that like?

Tritonal: It was a dream come true. That’s something that you fantasize about I think early on in your career “what would it be like to play at EDC: Las Vegas.” Last year we had such a great set playing right before Armin Van Buuren. That was huge for us and then this year to get on the main stage and to just feel the energy of that many people and experience the production on a scale of that size was kind of intimidating. I was pretty of nervous but once we both got up there we had a lot of fun and played a pretty good damn set and the reaction has been pretty cool online. It was an awesome experience and I love what Insomniac is doing and I can’t wait to do it again.

EDM Maniac: Dada Life has bananas and champagne.

Tritonal: (laughing hysterically) Yes they do.

EDM Maniac: So that gives them energy. Where do you guys get your energy from?

Tritonal: From our fans, our Tritonians that’s what we’ve got. Yeah there’s a synergy thing going on there, from one Tritonian to the next.

EDM Maniac: This is a question that we got more than once. Are there any hopes of you guys doing more tracks with Christina Soto.

Tritonal: Well right now we are in the phase where we are doing a whole bunch of different kinds of work and Christina is very special to us. When it gets to a point where our tracks are setting in the right aim with it then of course, but until then we’ve got a lot that we are working on right now.

EDM Maniac: Are we looking forward to another show like in Austin?

Tritonal: Oh like an Air Up There 100? Yeah we’re going to go back to Austin and yes it needs to be a special event like that. I don’t know what we’re going to do, maybe Tritonian 50. Our fans, they are always like “why don’t you play in Austin more? You live here, why don’t you play here?” And it’s because we live there that we feel that we owe them kick ass shows and not something like “Hey, let’s go on down to Republic Live and have another show tonight.”So I don’t know when we are going to do that but we are going to and we’re going to make it awesome.

EDM Maniac: Chad, someone asked about when you went crowd surfing last Halloween and you face planted?

Tritonal (Chad): (Laughs) Oh yeah.

EDM Maniac: What did you break? Did you break anything?

Tritonal (Chad): So a little clarification, I wasn’t actually crowd surfing. I was actually trying to get up on top of the stage and it was so slippery that I completely ate shit and went over the top of the stage and um (talks to dave) “Hey what did we call that?”

(Dave replies) Stagebelt2013 was the hashtag for it. (Chad) yeah that was one for the books.

Written by
Devin Lezama

Hi, I'm Devin! I'm from New York City but now spend my time in sunny Los Angeles attending shows and festivals. I'm also the founder of EDM Maniac.


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