Clubs In The UK Could Re-Open In June

Boris Johnson and the UK Government announced that clubs in the United Kingdom could re-open as soon as June 21st. The announcement is part of the UK’s latest “road map” plan which outlays in detail the UK’s measure to return to its pre-pandemic state as long as four specific conditions are met. The conditions are referred to as “must pass tests” which obviously, all must be met in order to proceed.

“Must pass tests” are broken down into four specific measures which include the continued success and evidence of distributed vaccines as well as a reduced number of people becoming hospitalized from the virus. The other two specific measures include proof that infection rates are not posing a direct surge on hospital admissions and that data from the new coronavirus variant will not change the risk of the current restrictions.

Schools in the United Kingdom will begin to re-open starting March 8 as well as altered restrictions on people meeting outside and gatherings of more than 6 people. In April, non-essential indoor and outdoor shops will re-open while cinemas, hotels, and some indoor venues will begin to re-open mid-May. If all rules are abided by, it is possible that all social distancing regulations may be removed by June 21. 

According to DJ Mag, a survey conducted by the Night-Time Industries Association showcased that 85% of people working in the nighttime e-economy are considering leaving the industry and that 78% of workers within the industry had been furloughed in the past 12 months. Needless to say, the recent announcement from the UK government comes as a sigh of relief to many, including English DJ and producer, Patrick Topping.

Source – DJ Mag
Feature Photo – Osheaga via Facebook



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