Ultra Worldwide Expands to India and Australia

During the weekend, Ultra Music Festival made an announcement of its plan to expand the festival to some new markets. The announcement was made during the UMF TV live stream and was announced by the voice of Ultra, Damian Pinto.

Ultra Worldwide is officially expanding to India and Australia. It will be making stops in two cities in India, New Delhi and Mumbai.

India has a huge EDM following and not many electronic events have been fulfilled by other companies there yet. Australia has had some festivals before, but a few big ones have been canceled. This gives them the perfect opportunity. Ultra Worldwide continues to differentiate themselves in the industry by bringing some of the best electronic acts to new frontiers across the globe.

There is no official website or dates yet for these two new additions to Ultra Worldwide but the media speculates it will be sometime in 2018. Keep an eye out on the festival’s website https://umfworldwide.com/ for more information soon.

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