Ultra Music Festival Introduces Ultra Passport Rewards Program

Do you feel like you spend too much money on festivals and raves? Well, Ultra wants to reward you for your loyalty and purchases with the new Ultra Passport program.

You’ll be able to create your very own Ultra Passport account and begin earning rewards for attending Ultra festivals and events on a regular basis.

These benefits may include:

– Exclusive access to early bird tickets (before those that have never been to one of our festivals in the past)
– The ability to choose a “home” festival and get bonus points for attending it multiple years in a row
– Access to the Ultra Passport office at each ULTRA festival
– Special experiences and benefits that are unique to each Ultra location
– One click registration for tickets
– Special bonuses for traveling to festivals in different countries from where you live

You can enroll in the Ultra Passport HERE. By the way, registration for Ultra Music Festival 2017 is now OPEN.

You can find more information on that on Ultra’s website here.


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