Ultra’s “Mission Home” Leads in Festival Sustainability

This year, Ultra Music Festival’s “Mission Home” program successfully implemented 30 sustainability initiatives, making it a leader in festival sustainability. The initiatives reduced 1.1 million plastic items and diverted 67.6 thousand pounds of waste from the landfill. In addition, over 1,318 pounds of food waste were composted. 25 environmental protections were also placed on Biscayne Bay and there were over 60 opportunities for attendees to learn about sustainability.

The sustainability program is a focus for the festival with its “extensive program of 30 ambitious initiatives aimed at the objectives of Waste Reduction, Pollution Prevention, Nature Preservation, Community Engagement and, new in 2022, Climate Action”, as stated in a press release. The festival has several international partnerships with prominent environmental experts like ZAP Concepts and Climate Futures. These collaborations work to verify climate impact and provide opportunities to further improve their carbon footprint. “Mission Home” shows Ultra’s unwavering dedication and serve as a reminder to attendees of their responsibility to the planet.

Images from Ultra Music Festival 

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