University Customs Offers Quality Custom Flag Printing

University Customs Offers Quality Custom Flag Printing

As ravers, we all take pride in who we are and where we come from. We all identify with something and enjoy when we find those common interests amongst others, especially during a festival encounter! An important element of the festival scene has always been outwardly expressing ourselves in some way or another. Whether it be outfits or kandi, flags or totems, efforts to display what we love have gotten more elaborate and more expensive. In 2014, University Customs was started to offer an awesomely affordable way for anyone to print customized flags without any limitations.

“As college students and avid music fans we were constantly looking for a way to represent ourselves and the music we enjoy. Posters were okay but we couldn’t bring them to festivals and over time they would tear and wrinkle,” explains Ted Gilman one of the founders of University Customs. He and his dorm mate, Luke Farrago, became business partners in 2014 when they started the company in an effort to offer an affordable alternative to the pricey custom flag printing services elsewhere. “We knew there had to be a more affordable solution and from there University Customs was born.”

Gilman and Farrago carved a niche for themselves as a low-cost custom flag printing service. Boasting zero restrictions on colors or images, both single and double sided printing, and standard pricing no matter how intricate the design. Which means that customizers can get as creative as they want, something the EDM community was sure to get ahold of quickly. “The EDM community is perhaps our biggest and favorite of the markets. These fans tend to create the most unique and creative and detailed designs,” the guys of University Customs assert, also admitting that they’ve learned to appreciate EDM through their business. And, how could they not? Check out some of these awesome fan-designed flags created via University Customs:

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself this festival season, Ted Gilman and Luke Farrago have the best deal around! University Customs is clearly the smartest and most economic way to go, offering custom   3′ x 5′ flags that are durable, printed in high quality, and don’t require bulk orders for you to get a reasonable price. Single-sided prints go for just $29.99 per flag, and double-sided prints are only $54.99 per flag! All flags are water proof, machine washable, and they’re even iron safe. Not to mention the convenience of a flag. They’re easily portable and they’re more likely to be allowed into a festival than a totem or scepter.  So, head over and check out University Customs here to design and purchase your custom flag for your next festival!

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Vinnie Rossiello
Vinnie Rossiello

East coast origin, West coast lifestyle… Growing up I was always surrounded by the sounds of dance music in New York and Florida. However, it wasn’t until college that I was introduced to the rave scene and finally experienced the love and positivity this community is all about. I’m into warehouse undergrounds and massives like Ultra Miami, TomorrowWorld, Nocturnal Wonderland, Hard Day of the Dead, and Buku Music & Art Festival… In addition to EDM, my playlists usually have a lot of Hip-Hop, Top 40 and I’m a huge sucker for throwbacks. Hit me up if you’re attending an event in the Hollywood/LA area, as I’m always open to making new friends!

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