US Passport Holders Will Soon Be Required To Apply To Travel To The European Union

US passport holders will soon need a new application to travel to the European Union in 2024 which includes a small charge and prior approval.

In an effort to tighten border security, the European Union is enacting a new European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) which will launch in 2024 and require more steps for passport holders from the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to enter the region.

It’s not a traditional visa and only requires a quick online application with a €7 fee, basic biographical information, travel plans, travel history, and other security questions.

This is required for all travelers regardless of age and is valid for up to three years with multiple entries or until the passport expires.

Approval is usually granted within an hour, but could require further checks that may delay up to 96 hours.

Authorization will fall into four regional categories: “Schengen members like Spain, France, and Italy; European Free Trade Association countries like Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland; future Schengen members such as Bulgaria and Cyprus; and European micro states like Andorra and Monaco.”

The system is similar to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization that the US requires for non-citizens which similarly isn’t a full visa, but allows foreign passport holders to visit America.

The UK will also enforce a similar system late 2023 despite no longer being a part of the European Union.

The exact date for the new requirements and what could happen if someone forgets to apply in time is unclear, but it’s best to have all travel documentation ready once it’s enacted.

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