Watch Seven Lions Play His Collab With REZZ At EDC Las Vegas

Earlier this month, REZZ confirmed that she and Seven Lions were working on music together, and upon hearing the news everyone’s question was simple. How would this collaboration sound?

The aesthetic of REZZ and Seven Lions are quite similar and also quite different. They both use slower, more deliberate driving bass, but while Seven Lions is very uplifting, REZZ is dark and dastardly. To hear how these two styles would coalesce is an exciting prospect for any fan of dance music.

Now, following EDC Las Vegas this past weekend, fans can hear just how the two super producers came together. Seven Lions opened his set with the co-production, and the result was epic.

Overall, the shadowy feelings of REZZ appear to dominate most of the soundscape. The kicks are huge and the synths and contorted and dissonant. Yet there is still a sort of honest and melodic quality about the new track, like a pure heart of emotion under a gruff, misunderstood exterior. No doubt this is where Seven Lions made his contribution.

Watch the video in full below. As of now there is no release date or title for the new track.

Featured image by Rukes

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