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What You Will Need When You Fly to a Festival

Flying to a festival can be tricky. I have compiled a list of what you will need to make it through your magical journey.

To start, in my personal experience, I manage to have a comfortable time if I bring 2 pieces of luggage. It’s easier if you are able to do this with a friend who will be traveling with you since some airlines allow one free luggage and adding more luggage can get pricey. The two of you will also be able to brainstorm through out the packing process.

I use a standard medium size piece of luggage, which is 26 inches x 18 inches, and a large size piece of luggage, which is 30 inches x 19 inches.

Also keep in mind of weight limits while are packing. It is super easy to get carried away while packing to have all of you camping gear in one luggage and your clothes in the other. It just makes sense. Unfortunately, the weight can add up quickly. I also recommend using a scale at home before heading to the airport so that you are prepared for when the airline agents do weigh your property. It’s never any fun having to rip your luggage apart and reorganize in the airport, especially if you are in a rush to get on your plane!

Check with your airline what the weight limit is for luggage! Showing up with over weight luggage will cost $50 or more each way!

So here’s the list:

  • One two man tent (or even a smaller one if you can)
  • One dome canopy – I purchased mine off eBay for $60 a few summers ago. It fits very nicely in my luggage.
  • One single burner top that attaches to a propane tank – TSA does not allow propane on the plane.
  • One First Aid kit – You never know! Having items like healing ointment such as Aquaphor and some essential oils have helped in many ways.
  • 3 ounce bottles to hold your shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, body soap, and lotion.
  • Camelbak – This is your biggest asset. If you do not have one, I highly recommend investing in one!
  • Frog Toggs Chilly Pad – These are such a life saver! You dunk them into cold water and it stays cool for a very long time! Also remember to let it dry completely before packing it away. It can grow mold!
  • Extra shoes/boots
  • Bandana – It can get dusty!
  • Bug Spray – Make sure that this is 3 ounces or less, if not, it can wait until you are at your destination.
  • Clothing – This will completely depend on what climate you are going to. Being over prepared is better than being under prepared too!
  • Solar lights – Such as fairy lights to string across your canopy or ones that stick in the ground so you can see where you are walking at the campsite
  • Tapestries – To create more shade in your campsite. They can easily be moved around unlike the canopy.
  • Lanterns
  • Flashlight
  • Portable Fan
  • Batteries
  • Sun Glasses
  • TOILET PAPER – This can essentially wait until you arrive at your destination but it is so important.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Thin Blanket
  • Air Mattress – This adds a lot of weight. I skip the luggage and carry it on the plane.
  • Pillow – Carry this on too to save room.
  • Tea – Personally, I put tea bags into water bottles then set them out into the sun to brew then throw them back into the cooler for an extremely refreshing beverage.
  • Hammock & Straps – Please be respectful of trees while using your hammock.
  • Waterproof Ground Tarp – So you do not have to wear shoes comfortable at the campsite!

I did not list camping chairs or a cooler due to the fact that it is tough to fly with them but not impossible. I recommend buying one when you are at your location on your way to the festival.

Food, two cases of water, a cooler, and ice are still needed before you are in the festival campgrounds. Also be prepared for ice to be costly.

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