Woogie Weekend Makes Grand Return To Southern California

The second annual Woogie Weekend returned to Silverado, CA to what can only be described as a blissful two-day summer camp-like experience tailored for electronic dance music fans.

Here are 6 things we absolutely LOVED about Woogie Weekend:


The sprawling landscape featured two intimately reimagined stages “The Hive” and “Kaleidescope” as well as a small lake, tons of grassy areas, picnic tables, scenic mountain views and incredible sunsets that you just had to see in person.

There was even a slip n slide, water balloon fights and tons of places for you to lay in the grass if you needed a break from dancing. Thanks to Woogie Weekend, this has to be one of our new favorite venues in Southern California.

Only an hour from Los Angeles, the canyons in Irvine provided the perfect location for a weekend music getaway.


Following a wild and rainy inaugural edition last year, Do LAB (the event promoter) made changes to the camping and festival grounds to ensure the best experience possible by moving the camping to a different section of the venue. Though there was no rain at this year’s festival, it was clear Do LAB was committed to improving from last year.

The camping grounds were carefully sectioned off and extremely organized. Even the portapotties were clean most of the time. You just don’t see that often.


The best in house and techno were featured at this year’s Woogie Weekend (which, by the way, gets the inspiration from the Do LAB’s world famous Lightning in a Bottle’s “Woogie” stage).

Artists like Claptone, Damian Lazarus, Oliver Huntemann were hands down the weekend’s best performances. The energy from each of these artists on these intimate two intimate stages provided refuge to anyone seeking a change in the typical MainStage festival experience.


Incorporating Lightning in a Bottle’s notorious community bonding activities, whimsical costumed festival attendees and delectable music selection, Woogie Weekend proved that music festivals don’t need always need millions of dollars in production, but ultimately an emphasis on the two pillars of electronic music — community and quality music.

We were warmly welcomed to the festival by the event’s awesome PR team, and once inside the festival, it was like summer camp all over again.

Reminiscent of our times spent playing water balloon fights and running around in the summer shine, it was a throwback to being a young kid away at sleepover camp. The happy vibes and palpable energy throughout the festival were truly unmatched by any major festival out there right now. The festival only featured a few thousand revelers, all of which were looking for a weekend escape full of positive vibes. It was clear that everyone at Woogie was focused on having the time of their lives — many of whom were also getting their post- Lightning in a Bottle fix.


This festival must have been featured in a European tour guide or something because there were people from all over Europe at Woogie Weekend! Everywhere we turned, we ran into people from Paris, Germany, England and Sweden! We were hyped to party with new European friends, all of which were going hard. It was awesome to see a festival like Woogie have an international attendance, and by the looks on everyone’s faces, it must mean they’re doing something right.


This incredible team of people are easily creating some of the world’s most exciting experiences. From their incredible stage at Coachella, to their renowned “Lightning in a Bottle” festival, the team at The Do LAB has an incredible vision to bring people together. Their quirky and whimsical stage designs and their incredible attention to detail easily make them of the world’s best promoters. In times where festivals may feel recycled and “worn out”, it’s the experiences created by The Do LAB put all of that to rest. If you’re tired of the same festivals, tired of seeing the same artists and really looking for something new and different, you need to attend a Do LAB festival. Their commitment to creating unique festival experiences is really what sets them apart. And most of the time, their festivals are intimate are small enough for you to really get to know people and spend time CONNECTING. If you’re seeking this, you need to attend a DO LAB event.

Step out of the normal festivals you see online and be promoted everywhere. There’s ton of amazing music to be heard, people to be met and adventures to be explored.

You’ll see that the festival scene is beautifully thriving — you just need to know where to look.


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