DJ BL3ND is back with an exclusive new episode of his podcast, Freakshow!

Chances are you’ve either heard of him or you may not have heard of him. Either way you soon will be seeing more of him. DJ BL3nd is approaching 1 million YouTube subscribers and has over 4 million fans on Facebook. Despite Diplo’s expressed doubt about his extreme popularity on social media, DJ BL3ND is one of the most visited and most subscribed to DJ’s on YouTube. It is without doubt that when listening to any of BL3ND’s own original music, you will be taken you out of your comfort zone. BL3ND aims to give you nothing but pure energy and you will certainly feel it in this new podcast.

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He hides his identity with all sorts of mind boggling masks, but behind the mask is a young electro house DJ producer who likes making upbeat music that makes people go wild. Though we don’t know too much about him, a part of us likes feels that he really has tried to keep it that way. The name “BL3ND” is a variation of the word “Blend” — exactly what he wants you to do when you’re at one of his events.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from BL3ND as he continues to grow and develop as an artist. Maybe one day we’ll see him without a mask. If not, that’s okay too. There’s something to be said about how he aims to keep his identity hidden while in the spotlight. It really should be about the music, and BL3ND’s latest podcast proves exactly this.

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