Yotto Releases ‘Silhouette’ From New ‘Erased Dreams’ Album

Yotto, the boss of his record label “Odd One Out” is scheduled to release his first ambient studio album “Erased Dreams.” The album will be released on “Reflections” falling under the Anjuna umbrella on Monday, July 11. Yotto drew inspiration from The KLF’s “Chill Out” album which was released back in 1990. “Chill Out” is an ambient-styled concept album featuring a wide array of samples that portray a mythical nighttime journey throughout America as the band was on tour.

The single featured on the album “Silhouette” was released on June 13. It’s an atmospheric and moody track with the vocals from Sansa. She has been collaborating with songwriters in Austin, LA, London, Berlin, Stockholm, and Helsinki where both she and Yotto are based. Her most notable writing credit can be recognized in Kaskade’s track “A Little More” from the “Automatic” album.

The ethereal and dreamy experience takes the listener on a journey where they can lose themselves inward, which can be felt in the latest single. Yotto says that the idea for the track came to him like a dream and he built upon the sound the listener can hear and feel. “I think the beauty lies in the simplicity of it. It’s slow and steady and it grows.” -Yotto

“I bought a guitar, which I had no idea how to play. I started messing around with pedals and stuff, trying to see how far I can stretch one sound, so a lot of the album comes from me trying to make endless sounds from different sources.” – Yotto

Presave the album here and keep up with Yotto on Instagram

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