Zane Lowe Releases Daft Punk Tribute On Apple Music

New Zealand DJ and producer Zane Lowe has released a special Daft Punk tribute mix on Apple Music. The tribute mix celebrates Daft Punk’s 28 years and features some of their most iconic tracks. Zane Lowe previously worked for BBC Radio and has a strong familiarity with Daft Punk and their legacy. The tribute mix celebrates Daft Punk’s legacy and the influence they had on music and its culture. When asked about the tribute mix, Lowe disclosed that,

“They tried to show us how to connect. Put us in fields, clubs, gave us songs, made us want to hug each other, dance together, relationships, marriages, families, deep friendships, all forged thanks to the robots and their music. So, you can say, “I couldn’t care less” like somebody did on my Instagram today, but here’s the thing. You could have cared less by not commenting, so you do care and you could be as cynical as you want but no one has ever done it like they did it”

Listen to Zane Lowe’s special Daft Punk tribute mix on Apple Music here.

Zane Lowe – Image – BBC

Feature Photo – Matt Sayles—Invision/AP Images

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