Zeds Dead Celebrates 5 Years Of Deadbeats With New Label

Zeds Dead will be celebrating 5 years of Deadbeats with a brand new record label.

Deadbeats spans all different genres of electronic dance music. From dubstep to drum and bass, Deadbeats has continued to exemplify their music diversity through the artists that they sign and the music that is produced on their label. As a result of 5 years of success on Deadbeats, Zeds Dead has announced that they will be starting a new label titled, ‘Altered States.’

‘Altered States’ will be focused on softer, more chill electronic sounds. The new label will premiere with a 13 track mixtape titled ‘Catching Z’s.’ ‘Catching Z’s’ was initially a Zeds Dead mix that was put out on SoundCloud a little over 5 years ago. The mix (like the newly announced label), focuses on softer tunes and downtempo sounds.

Since starting Deadbeats, the boys have been able to put out 40+ releases annually and have featured artists including Yookie, Rezz, Blunts & Blondes, and Dirt Monkey, amongst others. Deadbeats has hosted stages across several staple festivals including Sunset Music Festival, Dancefestopia, and Imagine Festival in Arizona.

Catching Z’s’ will be available to download later this month. View Deadbeat’s announcement below:

Feature Photo – Jas Davis

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