Zomboy Drops New Track And Unveils His Label Rott N’ Roll Records

UK dubstep pioneer, Zomboy just released the hard-hitting dubstep track titled “Flatined,” the first off his brand new label, Rott N’ Roll Records.

Previously this year, the legendary dubstep label, Never Say Die Records (NSD), closed their doors. As a dedicated signee to NSD, the shuttering gave Zomboy, real name Joshua Mellody, the opportunity to branch out and create his own center for production. “Flatlined” is the first drop from the new label, making its debut even more exciting for both Mellody and the bass community.

“[Flatlined] came about really quickly after the super talented Micah Martin approached me backstage at a show and suggested we worked on something. It just so happened that on that day I had started an idea which was going to match his vocal style perfectly. I hope everyone loves this song nearly as much as I do, but judging by the reactions I’ve been getting from playing it out live….. I don’t think that will be a problem!” Mellody says.

“Flatlined” has an emotional build up that incorporates rumbling drums, heavy guitar rifts, and lyrics that will put fans in their feelings. The metal-like song then drops into some filthy dubstep and pro-level chopping from Mellody. Laser-like sounds and growling snares make this track an aggressive song that will fulfill every headbangers need to rage.

Stream “Flatlined” in full below:

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