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10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From EDC

For most, EDC is more than just a festival — it’s a time and place to connect and experience. Experience what you just can’t in many other places as unique as EDC. While we seriously can’t wait till June, here’s what we took away from EDC last year:

1. Every walk of life is beautiful in its own way

People travel from all corners the world to partake in the joy of EDC. No two headliners are the same, and a look around reflects a pure beauty when everyone comes together under a shared love for music. All races, religions, and walks of life are loved and accepted at EDC, and seeing over 100,000 loving headliners gathered in one place is a truly beautiful thing.


2. Expand your musical horizons

There is no such thing as a “best” genre of music. Everyone has an opinion and the truth is nobody’s taste in music is identical. With over 7 stages blasting a wide variety of music throughout the night, we hope you took a chance to explore and broaden your tastes.


3. Help those around you

Ground Control can’t be everywhere at once. Be aware of those around you and don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand or cheer someone up with a friendly compliment. Sharing something as small as water or a piece of gum can instantly brighten someone’s night. If you happen to be the recipient of some friendly headliner love, don’t forget to pay it forward!


4. Party responsibly

In case you hadn’t noticed, Las Vegas is HOT! Sure it’s Sin City and we all want to let loose, but know your limits. Going over board is the last way you want to end the weekend early.


5. Spread the love

We all spend a lot of time getting prepared for EDC, and a compliment is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Nothing brings a moment together more than when everyone around begins to dance together. Don’t forget you’re not just the only person there with loved ones, over 100,000 us make the pilgrimage. Taking the time to interact, dance, and share in the moment with those around you makes EDC that much more special for everyone.


6. Learn how to become prepared

Many of us have friends that notoriously “forget” one thing or other. At an event the size of EDC it’s incredibly important to have everything you might need. Things like remembering the locations of water fill stations or coordinating meet-up spots will ease unnecessary stress from your night. As camel-backs become more widely accepted at festivals, having at least one in your group can be a life saver. A generous tip to a vendor can even get your camel-back filled with ice for the night.


7. Creativity has no boundaries

EDC provides an amazing platform for self-expression. Everywhere you walk someone’s costume, totem, or epic kandi creation will catch your eye. Mind blowing art installations such as the smoking caterpillar or one-eyed monster rolling around the grounds never cease to amaze.


8. Fireworks will never, ever be the same

We think everyone can agree EDC blows away every fireworks show we’ve ever seen, hands down. Thanks to Insomniac, 4th of July will never be the same for any of us. But that’s more than OK.


9. It’s all about the experience

When the sun rises on the final day and it’s all over, it really comes down to the time you spent with the ones you love. The memories shared are so much more than music, but more of a magical recollection of some of the most powerful feelings and emotions we can experience. Amazing food, countless carnival rides, art installations and performers combined with hundred’s of world class DJ’s make the EDC experience unique to its own.


10. Memories last a lifetime.

The memories created at EDC are by far some of our most cherished. The amount of time spent recollecting our favorite sets and beautiful moments is much greater than the time actually spent at EDC. Most of us have probably said at one point “I can’t wait to tell my grand-kids about this.” We really can’t wait for that day.


Photos: Insomniac


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