12 Essential Items for Any Camping Festival

I am used to going on multi-day backpacking excursions up in the mountains of Colorado. While a 3-day music festival is no near as intense as 3-day excursion to the peak of a 14,000’ mountain, there is still much to prepare for. Here are a few essential items to prepare and pack away for your next camping festival.

  • Tent – Open up you tent to check for any rips or tear. Make sure you have all your poles and stakes. Bring an extra-large tarp to put under you tent so water doesn’t seep in through the floor of your tent.
  • Air Mattress – Air up that mattress real quick and check for leaks. There’s nothing worse than waking up on the hard ground unexpectedly.
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillows – Unroll your sleeping bag and check for any bugs hiding away inside of it. If using an inflatable camping pillow, blow it up and make sure it’s good to go.
  • Hammock – Break out the hammock and relax a bit. Make sure you have enough rope to tie off with, or better yet use some tree straps to protect the trees you are using.
  • Warm Clothes – No matter how hot it is always bring at least one set of warm clothes just in case it gets cold at night.
  • Fresh Water – Make sure that you have plenty of fresh water to drink for the whole weekend. It is also handy washing dishes and when you want to wash your hair real quick. Quick tip: Put a headlamp around a gallon of water with the light facing the water. It will create a lantern affect lighting up the whole tent.
  • Food – You’ve got to eat right? We recommend that you take a lot of protein bars and other non-perishable foods to help keep you going. Fresh fruit like bananas and oranges have natural, biodegradable wrappers and they replenish many lost electrolytes. Foods like these help you from having to haul in more gear than what is needed.
  • Trash Bags – A clean campsite is a happy campsite. Please bring extra trash bags and be responsible enough to leave your area clean. We tie our trash bag to the leg of our pop-up shade so it’s easily accessible and visible for guests.
  • Dishes – Pots and pans are needed if you’re planning to cook at all. Disposable plates, cups, and silverware work great, although a cheap camping set is way more environmentally friendly.
  • Propane stove – Fire up that propane stove and burn off any impurities before using it the first time.
  • Baby Wipes/Dry Shampoo– Baby wipes are a great way to wipe down your body real quick to feel refreshed between showers at a festival. Dry shampoo is great tool to help you “wash” your hair without having to take a shower.
  • Alcohol – While it isn’t an essential item, make sure to stock up for the whole weekend of partying. I’ve found that one case of beer per person and one handle for every four people will usually last us for a three day festival.


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