219 Boys Drop A Basseline Banger For The Discovery Project

Time for some new tunes courtesy of the Discovery Project. What is the Discovery Project? Well, its a platform to find new music and artists. It’s the brainchild of Insomniac Events. It gives a voice and platform to emerging artists in the dance music world. Insomniac Events new record label has been blasting out some of the dopest tracks out there by Discovery Project artists. The latest comes from the Bay Area super duo, 219 Boys. Their new single, Check Mate, will get your booty bouncing to the base. You can take a listen for yourself HERE.

219 Boys just played at Electric Daisy Carnival this past month and continue to dominate the SF Bay Area club scene. The duo have been friends since middle school and worked together at Guitar Center store #219. That’s where their name comes from.

If you are an upcoming DJ, you should take note of Discovery Project as this could be your ticket to breaking into the dance music scene. Contests are held where you can submit your mix for a chance to play at a festival!

Check out the Discovery Project’s Soundcloud page HERE for more music.


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