7 Reasons Why You Need Justin Martin In Your Life

Even if you aren’t the dirtiest bird out there, it’s likely you’ve still enjoyed Justin Martin on some level. If it wasn’t his prowess on the CDJs, it was probably one of his songs that was played by someone else or one of his hilarious snapchats that a friend showed you.

There are plenty of reasons why Justin is probably the most well known Dirtybird out there, plenty of which extend beyond his music.

1. Music

There are plenty of other reasons to appreciate Justin Martin, but let’s be real this one needs to be mentioned first. Without his skills as both a producer and a DJ, no one would know who he was and he wouldn’t have been able to supply us with so many good times. Of course all the core Dirtybirds have their unique style, but Justin’s style of music is one that inspires good feelings. Producers literally have endless options of what kind of sounds to put in their music, and Justin’s songs often evoke images of floating through beautiful gardens with your best friends. When he’s on stage though, he’s not afraid to bring the house down with the funkiest and dirtiest beats on the market.

2. “What Track Is This?”

Leading off what I just wrote, Justin also has his fingers and ears in many different styles of music. In the years that I’ve been going to see him I’ve heard him play full drum and bass sets as well as closing out his set at EDC 2014 with EPROM’s “Center of the Sun (VIP)”. If you don’t know that track, let me just say it sure as hell isn’t house. Justin understands that as a DJ, what he plays is based on the environment and the people in front of him. Sometimes those people aren’t looking for a set full of Dirybird Bangers.

3. Worldwide Talent

Electronic music is definitely a worldwide phenomenon, but how many DJs really tour the entire world? Not that many. Of course doing a world tour isn’t something that comes easy, but Justin Martin is a name you’ll find on bills all over the Earth. So if you’re waiting on an opportunity to see him, have a little patience. Your time will come.

4. Snapchat: Mrjustinmartin

If you know anything about Justin Martin, you know he loves his life. As a result, he wants to share it with you as much as possible, and like many artists he does so through snapchat. Whether he’s at a show, eating pizza at home, or spending time with his family you can bet there will be a snapchat update from Justin that will likely make you laugh or cheer.

5. Everyone <3’s Pizza

When artists start to gain a serious following, many of them try to find something to unite their fans. Some artists give their fans a hashtag. Some artists start a radio program. Well Justin united his fans through a love of pizza. Now you’ll see a pizza totem at pretty much every Justin festival set. The last time he played exchange there was a sweepstakes to win a pizza party with him. Justin wants his fans to be happy, and an easy way to be happy is to eat more pizza

6. He Really Does Want His Fans (And Everyone) To Be Happy

Granted they aren’t one of the ones making headlines about twitter beefs and tabloids scandals, we’d all like to believe our favorite artists have love for their fans. After all, when they say things like, “I’d be nothing without my fans” that is the complete 100 percent truth. If an artist doesn’t have any fans, no one would buy their music and no one would ever go see them live. I’m not a mind reader so I don’t know how pretty much any of these artists really do feel about their fans, but it’s quite obvious Justin legitimately wants his fans to know how much he appreciates their support. Other than his uplifting tweets, he’s been known to give away tracks for free, hold free afterparties for some of his sets, and he quite often will mingle in the crowd after one of his sets and say hello.

7. He’s As Nice As He Seems

In addition to believing your favorite artist loves their fans, it’s even more important to believe they’re actually a good person. Kanye obviously doesn’t care, but there are so many people who completely disregard his music because of how he acts and how he treats people. I’m not saying Kanye should care, but on the other side it really makes it harder to be someone’s fan if they are a disagreeable person. Well anyone who is a fan of Justin Martin doesn’t have to worry about that one bit. I was able to grab a few words with him at the Dirtybird Campout last October, and without the going into too much detail, I’ll just say the words I would use to describe him are humble, appreciative, and friendly. I’m sure he’ll be roaming around Campout and the Dirtybird BBQ’s all summer. If you see him, don’t be afraid to say hi. He wants to talk to you.

Written by
Harry Levin

Hi my name is Harry Levin. I live in LA and I'm an absolute lover of music.


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