4 Ways EDM Can Actually Calm You Down

In today’s culture, the word “busy” for some reason has become synonymous with “happy.”  I don’t know why, but millennials feel they have to have their days completely filled in order to be content with life. They do fill their days with leisure activities too, but even still, if people spend a day doing nothing the day is considered a “waste”.

Other than the fact that every moment of life is precious whether you’re actively doing something or not, every person living their life this way will eventually end up in the same place: burnout. Human bodies are machines and there isn’t a machine on Earth that can run full throttle forever. Well, at least without the proper maintenance.

In this case, the proper maintenance is simply finding time to let yourself relax and recuperate, and with EDM on your side it may be easier than you think.

1. Chill Out, Brah

It might be hard to believe, but electronic music can be incredibly chilled out. Shocking, I know, but if you consider in theory that every scrap of electronic music ever created existed inside someone’s head before you heard it, then it’s basically impossible that someone didn’t have an idea of making the chill version of whatever party banger is dominating your Spotify at the moment. It doesn’t matter what type of music one particular individual is into. Every genre. Every bpm. There is something out there that is not only enjoyable, but relaxing.

2. Unce Unce Unce

Ask any meditation specialist and they’ll all say that one of the most important elements of meditation is breathing. Not just the regular “I need to stay alive” kind of breathing, but rhythmic breathing. See, once every part of your body is completely in sync with your breath, that’s when your mind can run free as it doesn’t have to focus on anything else. Now, I wouldn’t say EDM is the ideal music to put on while you’re meditating (it might be, I’ve never tried) but there isn’t another type of music that emphasizes constant, consistent rhythm in the same way.

3. Blowing Off Steam

A simple idea that many often forget is to take time out of your busy schedule for yourself. If you love EDM, take a step back from bills or homework or whatever else is filling up your day and rage to your favorite tune. Even if it’s just the one track, 5 minutes of letting go is all it takes sometimes.

4. Oh the Nostalgia

One of the reasons so many people find themselves in this constant state of busy is because that’s what adult life demands in this day and age. The number of occupations worth having where you can show up at 9, clock out at 5, and forget about your work day are decreasing. Whether it’s travel, research, or simply staying ahead of the game, many people find themselves working when they aren’t at work these days. This is not an inherently bad thing, as many people with such a career are at a successful place in life, but such a career leaves far less time for yourself than you had even a year or two ago, which was likely the period of time where you were listening to the most EDM. By working some EDM into your schedule, you can remind yourself of a simpler time where all that mattered was you and the music.

Written by
Harry Levin

Hi my name is Harry Levin. I live in LA and I'm an absolute lover of music.


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