5 Ways To Prepare For Summer Festivals And Raving In The Heat

CRSSD at Waterfront Park, San Diego

Rising temperatures and new lineups dropping every week are two signs that Summer festival season is just around the corner. Raving in the heat can be draining, and after years of experience attending events in the Summer months there are certain tips people can use to get through hours of intense heat.

Keep Calm And Drink Water

Hydration is the key during summer events.  Dancing and large crowds can contribute to temperature increases and it is common for people to overheat or become dehydrated in these situations. Drinking plenty of water before an event can help prevent any issues or feelings of illness at the party. Camelbacks are useful for keeping water on hand throughout a festival. For those who prefer not to wear backpacks (backpacks can also disrupt people behind you in the crowd), consider shorts with deep pockets to fit water bottles and make sure to keep track of where the water refill stations are.

Electrolytes For Those Essential Nutrients

Electrolytes can also be helpful in preventing dehydration and overheating. Many festival goers stock up on Liquid IVs, Pedialite, or eletrolyte pouches to put inside of their Cambelbacks or water. This can help during hot events where many people sweat out all of their salts and nutrients causing people to feel sick or overheated. The electrolyte pouches can help restore the nutrients and keep ravers going.

Fans And Spray Bottles

Fans, spray bottles, and misters are also helpful in keeping attendees cool at shows. A little spray on the back of the neck can be life-saving when the sun is beating down in the middle of a set. Fans are also great for cooling down people in the crowd and are easy to find and carry around at shows. If a raver is wearing a pashmina it can be helpful to fan underneath it or to spray it down with water and place it on one’s forehead to bring down their body temperature. (Just make sure not to clack the fans!)

Sun Protection Of All Forms

Wearing sunscreen is really important for daytime summer festivals. Sunburns can turn a great weekend into a painful one and also trap heat in the body, making it more likely for someone to dehydrate and overheat. Sunglasses and hats can also  protect people from the sun and prevent headaches that come from hours spent in the bright summer lighting.

Comfortable, Supportive Shoes

The wrong pairs of shoes and socks can also be a killer on a hot festival day. Heat and sweat are more likely to cause blisters on feet. Blisters are no fun and can make it difficult to walk around and stand at events. Picking shoes that are well-fitted and socks that are sweat resistant can ensure comfort throughout a show.

Summer festival season is the best time of the year. Stay safe, have fun dancing from stage to stage, and drink some water.

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