40-Hour DJ Set Raises Thousands For Charity

Graham Meeres performed a 40-hour mammoth DJ set and was able to raise £25K for charity.

DJ  Graham Meeres performed a 40-hour mammoth DJ set and raised £25K for mental health charity, Mind. Meeres is a DJ with over 20 years of experience in various clubs, festivals, and private gatherings. The night of his 40-hour set, Meeres was celebrating his 40th birthday. Instead of spending time with friends, Meeres decided to perform in order to raise money for a mental health charity of his choice. His performance started on Friday, March 19, and lasted until Sunday, March 21. Meeres performed from his home and all donations were received via his JustGiving page. Last year, Meeres performed a similar livestream and raised £20,000 in 24 hours. This time around, Meeres was able to beat out his last record, raising £25K for Mind.

Click here to watch Graham Meere’s 40-hour mammoth DJ set.

Feature Photo – Graham Meers – Facebook
H/T – MixMag


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