5 Artists You’re Going To Love If You Like Rezz

There is nothing typical about Rezz.

In a relatively short career she’s garnered a serious amount of attention. She’s put out releases on various imprints including mau5trap and most recently, Deadbeats. It’s that unique style of music which has made her a very popular booking for festivals across the globe.

Her music evokes a certain kind of dark, percussive sound that defies traditional ideas of music. Melody and harmony are often replaced with sparse, yet compelling ideas that phase over each other in service to the beat. She replaces melody and harmony with sparse, yet compelling ideas that phase over each other in service to the beat.

Rezz makes music that rejects classification, and these artists do too.

Shadient – Royalty

If an artists description on SoundCloud is “sick”, it could mean many different things. Well these beats are freakin’ sick, and Rezz approves in the form of a follow. (Shadient has less than 5k by the way, and Rezz follows less than 500).

Tameloop – Croc Thrashes

Tameloop is what happens when the industrial sounds of Rezz are applied to all manner of four-on-the-floor beats. Like Rezz, Tameloop uses all different tempos which takes the music through a variety of styles including trance, techno, and house. No matter how fast its going, you can count on Tameloop to be dirty.

deadmau5 – snow cone (Chay remix)

Clearly Chay and Rezz share a fondness for mau5trap. Despite its founders affection for techno, mau5trap has ventured past the influence of techno and into the far beyond. Chay hasn’t had any releases on the label yet, but that doesn’t mean his music should be discounted (especially if you’re a fan of Rezz).

Arkasia – Synopsis (Part 1)

A lesser known fact about Rezz is that she used to make dubstep. She was always a bass head, but dubstep came first. Contrary to her current atypical style, her dubstep adopted a classic mix of heavy bass and resounding melody which is something her and Arkasia have in common.

The Klinik – Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix)

Many people who observe the music of Rezz compare it to techno. Obviously her chances of being booked at Neon Garden or the Yuma tent are slim, but her music is similar to techno in other ways. See, techno often relies on the same gritty, erratic sounds that Rezz loves so much. Helena Hauff is an excellent example of a producer who shares this sense of abnormality when it comes to sound.

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