8 Tips For Surviving Bad Festival Weather

When putting on events, festival promoters have to prepare for everything. Well, at least everything they can. If the event will be outdoors though, there is simply no way to fully prepare for the weather.

Most festivals (like EDC) take place in the summer to avoid such issues, but meteorologists with enormous satellites still get the weather wrong and practically every festival in the world could potentially fall victim to extreme weather. Unfortunately attendees can’t control if a festival is prepared or not. They can only prepare themselves.

With that said. Here are a few strategies to battling the elements at any festival; in any situation.

1. Boots

Ideally they should be waterproof, and a set of in-soles are also highly recommended. That way a good set of boots will protect you from mud while providing excellent support all weekend long.

Pro -Tip: It is also highly recommended to have at least waterproof article of clothing for your upper and lower body if required.

2. Tarps

Everyone knows EZ-Ups are standard for any festival, but with a set of tarps you can turn them into fully insulated rooms with the help of some zip ties. Just remember the next item as well.

3. Stakes

While EZ-Up’s provide excellent protection from the rain and sun, the wind can pick them up like a plastic bag. It’s important to get a good set of metal stakes. Get some for your tent too.

4. Non-Prescription Glasses

These might be one of the hallmarks of a hipster, but when dust is flying through the air it doesn’t matter too much what you look like. They offer near-perfect eye protection without using dark lenses so you can use them at night too.

5. Bandana

A road-tested classic, the bandana and glasses make the ultimate face-mask on a budget.

6. Extra Everything

Yes, everything means everything. Rain can soak through all your clothes. Wind can blow your entire campsite away. Having extra clothes, food, and supplies in a secure location like a car is highly recommended.

7. Touch-Screen Gloves

One cool advancement in touch screen technology was when they became heat-sensitive instead of reacting to pressure. It helped prevent butt-dials quite a bit and made using the touch screen much easier. Unfortunately this prevented the use of touch screens with gloves, unless they’re specially coated. Now you can buy touch-screen gloves for the same prices as regular gloves, which you should have anyway.

8. A Positive Attitude

This is probably the most important of all. When it comes down to it, no Earthly forces are any match for Mother Nature, but that’s also one of the reasons these festivals exist in the first place; to celebrate her. It’s obviously a bummer when stages or even the whole festival is forced to close temporarily because of inclement weather, but that’s not something any attendees have the power to control.

Throughout life there will be innumerable inconveniences that are beyond individual control. Learning to take them in stride and with a smile is crucial to personal achievement.

Written by
Harry Levin

Hi my name is Harry Levin. I live in LA and I'm an absolute lover of music.

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