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6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Camp EDC Experience

Camp EDC at EDC Las Vegas is one of the most magical places within the festival world. With pre-set pods and easy access to restrooms and food, the stress-free and happy campgrounds can give attendees an experience of a lifetime.

One of the best parts of camping at EDC Vegas is the constant activity, and while everyone has different interests, there are opportunities for everyone to have a blast. Here are a few tips on how to maximize camping at EDC Vegas and make some awesome memories.

1. Go To The Pre-Party

Camp EDC opens up a day before the rest of the festival and kicks off with a Thursday night pre-party. The party takes place at The Mesa, which is the center of camp. This is a great time to dance and meet fellow ravers as everyone gets excited for the rest of the weekend.

The pre-party also usually has a pretty relaxed energy that will allow you to dance and have fun yet still pace yourself for the rest of the festival. The Mesa stage and surrounding area also have lots of room for people to practice flow arts, shuffling, and to spread out and chill while enjoying the opening performances.

2. Explore The Vendors

The Mesa also holds a ton of vendors for food, rave apparel, and other festival goods that are cool to explore. Each shop has a unique vibe where you can find last-minute outfits, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, artistic fans, and a number of other items.

Camp EDC also has a wide variety of food options to try out. Anything from vegan stir fry, pizza, burritos, fruit bowls, and even lobster mac n cheese can be devoured on the campsite and fill whatever cravings come up over the weekend.

3. Find A WorkShop Or Class That Interests You

Camp EDC hosts tons of different workshops and activities for guests in which guest can partake. In previous years, there have been art classes, goat yoga, dance classes, spiritual and meditation workshops, and so much more.

Attendees can summon their creative side with these activities and try out new things that they may not have expected to enjoy. The workshops are also a great opportunity to meet other ravers who share similar interests and can help build new relationships within the community.

4. Splash Around At The Pool Parties

Each day at camp there are a number of DJ sets to get down to at the camp’s pool, Pirate’s Cove. The pool parties are really fun. Cool off from the hot Nevada sun, splash around, and dance to some top-tier performances. It isn’t every day you get to throw down in a pool, so these parties can be a fun and unique experience as compared to other festival campgrounds. The pool parties tend to be very high-energy because everyone is looking forward to the rest of the night or recovering from the previous days of the festival as they recharge in the pool.

5. Meet The Neighbors

Hundreds and hundreds of tents line the streets of Camp EDC, and each one is filled with people from all over the world. Stepping out of your pod and meeting the neighbors can be really great for making new friends and building separate mini parties among the tents.

Creating bonds with the neighbors can help you branch out from your own friend group and can also enhance your experience if you are able to come together. In the past, many campers have described cooking breakfast with their surrounding tents, playing pong or cornhole and other games, practicing flow arts together, and just enjoying their time with new-found friends.

6. Bring Ear Plugs

As much as everyone would all love to party non-stop the entire weekend, sleep is necessary to make it through the festival. Camp EDC constantly has activities and noise going on, which can make it difficult to fall asleep. After parties are also thrown at camp and tend to have music playing into the mid-morning, so it is highly recommended to bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to get some rest.

Images from EDC Las Vegas

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Skyler Gee

Hi, I'm Skyler! I live in Arizona and I am a huge Bass head. I also love hardstyle, trance, and techno. I love traveling, lifting weights, camping, painting, running, and just getting to explore the world! Sending PLUR vibes out to all of you :)

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