6 Tips For Having A Great Time Raving Without A Rave Bae

What is a rave bae? A rave bae is your significant other during shows. Whether they are your actual long-term partner or someone you get to know for one night, a rave bae can make a festival feel magical.

They are the person who holds you during “Strangers” by Seven Lions and screams “What you waiting for? A mothafuckin drop bitch!” with you. And while having another person accompany you to sets, carry the hydropack and give you shoulder rides is great, what happens if you don’t have one?

Having another person with you at a festival is great, but there are some downsides to having a rave bae. Your SO’s artist preferences may conflict with yours and make scheduling sets difficult. You don’t want to be deciding between your favorite and their favorite.

Or worse, you could be a house head and them a head-banger or vice-versa. In addition, not having a rave bae opens you up to so many other connections you can make, romantic or not. Festivals are an amazing place to meet people with the same interests without any outside stress.

Plus, you don’t always want to be taking care of someone and making sure they’re have a good time, especially if they partake in drinking or partying. Whether you have a rave bae or not, it’s not necessary to make the most of your festival season.  There are many ways to rave without a rave bae. Here are six.

1. Focus on Friends

The obvious answer is to spend time with your rave fam. Your friends are your biggest supporters during tough relationship times. Cry into their shoulders and headbang with them.

Or if you don’t have a rave fam, use this as an opportunity to make new friends. Most of the people at festivals practice PLUR and will be happy to invite you into their group. Festivals are great places to meet people from all over the country and even the world. Rave baes are temporary, but friends are forever.

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2. Network

Want to get into the music industry? Treat the show or festival like a career event. Meet people and talk about your music, blog, social media etc. Use the event as an opportunity to jumpstart your career.

The right connection could blow up your song or make your content go viral. There are so many different people of different walks of life that no matter your career, you could make an amazing work connection.

3. Go Solo

Attending a festival or event solo can be a transformative experience. You can see whatever set you want, get there as early or late as you desire, and develop a sense of independence.

Just remember, safety is the most important thing. Keep aware of your surroundings, be very careful with your phone, and don’t overdo it with the alcohol. Check out EDM Maniac’s many raving solo articles for tips and tricks.

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4. Take a Family Member

Attend a festival or show with your mom, dad or sibling. Show your parent what these “rave-thingys” are really like and strengthen your bond with them. Or take your little sibling to their first show and introduce them to everything EDM has to offer.

Remember the excitement and amazement you felt when you first experienced festivals and give that gift to your family. Introducing another person to EDM and truly inviting them into your passion is one of life’s many joys.

5. Practice a Flow Art

A flow toy will keep you busy and focused on something other than the people around you. Practice your craft in the presence of live music and you will truly feel a different kind of connection to the beat.

There is nothing quite like and truly immersing yourself in the flow. You can also give performances to the people around you and make deeper connections with other attendees. Practicing shuffling or muzzing means you won’t need to purchase or bring anything. You definitely don’t have to be a professional to enjoy art or dancing.


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6. Attend a Show Instead of a Big Festival

If this is your first time attending alone or without your SO, a show would a great introduction into raving without a bae. It’s a shorter time period and usually the travel is a bit simpler.

Pick an artist you desperately want to see or no one else will see with you. Or pick a genre that’s less liked or common in your area. A smaller show is less pressure as it’s one night for a few hours versus two to three days.

With festival season right around the corner, we are all quickly realizing we don’t have a rave bae. Remember, dance music is about connecting with the people around you and truly being free. You don’t need someone else to feel truly one with the music and have an amazing time.

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Written by
Danielle Levy

Danielle Levy is an MBA with a concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility. Danielle has several years of experience in the sustainability education world and has held various positions in human resources and intern management. Danielle is passionate about the ties between sustainability and social impact.

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