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8 Tips For Preparing For Weather At Festivals

EDCNY is literally right around the corner. And there has been a lot of chatter on the Facebook groups about the ominous weather forecast for Saturday. With a high of only 60 degrees on Sunday, Saturday reaches 70 but with a 60% chance of thunderstorms that could produce high winds and hail. Despite all that being said, we shouldn’t let the forecast ruin what is sure to be a wonderful weekend under the electric sky. And for those of us who survived TomorrowWorld 2015, this should be a piece of cake. Regardless, you do want to prep yourself for the elements any way you can so that your experience isn’t ruined. Here are 8 tips when preparing for the ever-changing and unpredictable elements of festival season.

1. Always Dress Warmer than You Think You Should

A lot of us girls don’t want to get stuck with any extra clothing when at a festival. It gets in the way, makes us hot, and can clash with a meticulously put together outfit. But at the same time, it’s much easier to get rid of clothes than to find enough to keep you warm (and not break the bank). Even if you go to TJ Maxx and buy a $10 sweatshirt that you wind up leaving at the festival grounds, you will be SO glad you did. Another easy idea is tying a flannel or lightweight sweatshirt around your waist – just make sure it coordinates with your outfit!

2. On a Similar Note – Be Smart About your Outfit Choices

The worst feeling is having an outfit or article of clothing ruined by the rain or mud (RIP to three pairs of my shoes at TomorrowWorld 2015). And while some of us may have planned outfits down to every last detail, it’s just not worth ruining something you paid a lot of money for and put a lot of time into making. Avoid open toed shoes, light colors (especially for girls), crafty outfits, and expensive items if the forecast is not looking favorable. Also – consider that you might have a long trek back home before you can hop in a warm shower, where you definitely don’t want to be cold and miserable!

3. Bring Tissues and Plastic Baggies in your Fanny Back/Backpack

When elements are not looking bright, your first step is to definitely bring a bag of some sort. And after you’ve picked out a bag that is somewhat waterproof, you should stuff it with a to-go size pack of tissues and a plastic baggie or two. The plastic baggie is the best way to ensure your phone and other electronics are kept dry. Tissues are also helpful to dry off anything that might get wet, including your body!

4. Check out Music Under Tents

While some of us might be able to handle a little bit of rain, there are definitely ravers out there who cannot. And luckily, EDCNY (and many other festivals) have some of their stages under tents! While it might not be the stage you were planning on spending a couple of hours at, you might discover someone new AND stay dry at the same time!

5. Don’t Take the Forecast Too Seriously

Let’s be honest. The weather is not an exact science. And while oftentimes, forecasts are correct, they are equally as commonly wrong. So, while it can be beneficial to get a general idea of the weather in the couple of weeks prior, you really can’t take it to heart until you’re about 48 hours out. And even then, you never know what will happen. So while it is disheartening to see rain (or even snow) in the future, don’t let it cloud (get it? Cloud?!) your excitement to rage.

6. Stay Safe!

The worst case scenario at a festival is that it gets postponed or even canceled. While none of us want to see this happen, Insomniac, as well as other companies, take every measure possible to keep the music going. Think about it – they’re losing a ton of money if the festival closes its doors. And while we sometimes think it ‘wasn’t that bad’ (EZOO 2014…), most all of us are not meteorologists. So if the festival is halted or canceled due to weather, make sure you’re somewhere safe and out of harm’s way. After that, try to make the best of the situation! Look for afterparties, or chat with people while you’re waiting for the storm to pass. Every cloud has a silver lining somewhere!

7, Take Care of Yourself Afterwards

Depressed or not, life will go on after a rainy day at a festival. Whether it’s for another day of the festival or back to reality in corporate America, you need to take care of yourself! Wrap yourself up in blankets as soon as you’re home safe, take a hot shower, and eat a good meal. If you get sick easily, take some Emergen-C or precautionary medicine. And make sure you get a lot of sleep – especially if you have a day two to look forward to!

8. But Most Importantly…Have FUN!

I was a survivor of Mudville 2015. And while it definitely had a negative impact on my weekend, everyone was in the same boat. We laughed about the constant rain, didn’t care as much about our hair or makeup, and took it as an opportunity to be lighthearted and, in general, not care about anything other than the music! If it does rain, just have fun with it. Dance around, take funny videos (just be careful of your phone), and connect with other people who are doing the same. It is all one big bonding experience at the end of the day, and while the elements may not be in your favor, YOU have the ability to control your fate for the rest of the day.




Written by
Devin Lezama

Hi, I'm Devin! I'm from New York City but now spend my time in sunny Los Angeles attending shows and festivals. I'm also the founder of EDM Maniac.

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