9 Artists That Will Leave You Soaked At Splash House

Things are only going to get hotter in Palm Springs. The Southern California summer-staple festival, Splash House, returns this weekend, August 19-21, with another loaded line-up.

With two festivals already in the books this year, this unique festival experience, which spreads across three different resorts as well as after parties at the Air Museum, is keeping the momentum hot with their third installment for 2022. The desert will welcome over 40 DJs to the stage that will give everyone in attendance a weekend that will live on long after the lights go down Sunday evening. 

With chart-toppers such as Australian house DJ Sonny Fedora, and English producer Elderbrook closing out stages on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, there will be a lot to look forward to as the days progress. Luckily, a stacked undercard with artists including VNSSA, DJ Susan, and Ms. Mada will have attendees dancing in the sun hours before the biggest names hit the decks.

Now, here are nine unique artists that will leave you soaked this weekend at Splash House:

1. Air2Earth

American EDM icon Porter Robinson will be kicking off the weekend, headlining the first night at the Air and Space Museum with his Air2Earth alias set. A man with many names, there’s always one thing for certain, when Porter takes the stage, everyone is in for a treat. This time will be no different. With a masterful mix of progressive house, disco, and a taste of French house influence, this is likely to be one of the unique sets of the weekend. 

2. Kyle Watson

For well over a decade the South African deep house DJ has truly created a sound that is solely his and his alone. Mixing heavy basslines and throbbing drums, he has undoubtedly positioned himself as one of a kind in the industry. Releasing tracks on large labels such as Higher Grounds, Solotoko, and Realm, he lacks no credibility and the crowd will quickly see that in any place and at the time, he WILL throw down. 

3. Coco & Breezy

This dynamic duo seems to draw influence from every aspect of their lives. Combining house music with Hip-Hop and R&B vocal styles creates tracks that make you want to sing just as much as they make you want to dance. These twin sisters have a chemistry that can truly only be shaped through a life full of combined experiences. They use this to create a musical experience that is only catalyzed by their stage presence.

4. Chris Lorenzo

A man that needs no introduction, the UK-based DJ brings unmatched energy to each and every set he performs. Tracks like “California Dreamin’” and “Mami” quickly became festival staples even before their official releases over the past couple of years. His up-tempo music is paired beautifully with a heavy bass that will leave your bones shaking. Working on collaborative efforts with the likes of Chris Lake (Anti-Up), AC Slater, and most recently Walker & Royce, this is a set that will be filled top to bottom with nothing but hits.

5. Bleu Clair

You can’t get smoother than butter, right? Think again! Indonesian-born DJ Bleu Clair is another DJ on this list who refuses to conform to the sounds commonplace in house music today. Creating tracks with a unique blend of pace, low-end bass, and rhythmic drums, he has cultivated a sound that is seemingly impossible to NOT move to. His revolutionary style will not be seen by any other artist throughout the weekend, which is a promise.

6. Ms. Mada

The queen of the Philippines, Ms. Mada, is an artist who has no single sound. The ever-evolving artist has become a staple in the Miami music scene during her residency at one of the city’s most famous clubs, Club Space. Resulting in appearances in some of the largest festivals across America as well as a completely infectious performance for the famous Boiler Room group. This is a set where the only expectation is to be blown away. 

7. Omnom

Describing Los Angeles DJ Omnom is no easy task. Creating tracks that can only be described as “weird,” he combines Dirty Bird influences with unique vocals, and a persistent baseline leaving you bopping to the beat from the drop. Hits like “Fo Free” and “Know I’m Bad” are equal parts empowering and groovy, and will complement the atmosphere of Splash House to a T.

8. Morpei

The Bolivian-born artist, currently residing in Los Angeles, is making music that serves one main purpose, to get your body moving! His most recent release “El Bumper” combines Latin and tech house influences to create a track that seems to crawl into your brain with no intention of leaving. Performing early Saturday afternoon, he will undeniably set a tempo that will carry throughout the rest of the weekend.

9. Phantoms

The live set wonders, Phantoms, have no shortage of high-energy sets that have been viewed by the masses. Luckily, this weekend they come to Palm Springs with a much less seen DJ set. Their specialized blend of house and alternative makes them a spectacle each and every time they perform. With a slew of tracks racking up well over a million streams on Spotify alone, along with the freedom of a DJ set, means this weekend you should expect something you’ve never seen before. 

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